Knight Foundation's Danny Harris on Screenprint Showdown

  Photo Credit: Daniel Garcia, for Content Magazine

Photo Credit: Daniel Garcia, for Content Magazine

The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation funded Screenprint Showdown, and without their funding and support, this project would not have come about in such a large-scale and momentous manner. Leading their support for Screenprint Showdown has been Danny Harris, Knight Foundation's Program Director for San Jose

"When Danny became the program director for San Jose in 2014, it was clear to me that he wanted to see native San Jose ideas and initiatives walk across his table," says Marie Millares of San Jose Made. "He was looking to understand the projects that were authentically homegrown. The first question he asked me was, "What do YOU want to do?"

At a meeting of the minds in his office in early Fall 2015, Content Magazine, FutureArtsNow, Kooltura and Knight Foundation all sat at the table while San Jose Made pitched this project idea. Everyone in the room was in agreement about its potential to be a big thing for San Jose. Within four months, this project was funded by Knight Foundation and thanks to them, is now upon us. 

We recently connected with Danny to get his thoughts on San Jose and Screenprint Showdown.

Q: Let's say you're officially tasked to create a logo for the city of San Jose. What does it look like? What visuals and ideas NEED to be represented?

San Jose is not just a city, but a state of mind. We’re diverse, innovative and are fiercely proud of our neighborhoods and city. Our visual identity should be urban, forward thinking and rooted in a healthy amount of hustle. The imagery needs to reflect that we are as comfortable innovating around autonomous vehicles as we are coming up with the next great fish taco. 

Q: What is something people from outside of San Jose need to know or should know about San Jose? 

The best part of San Jose are the San Joseans. They reflect the diverse corners of the world and the various ways that all people use innovation to improve their lives and communities whether they work in or outside of tech. 

Q: What are your thoughts on the Screenprint Showdown? What do you hope to see? What do you hope to do there?

Some of the best city brands in the U.S. have come from local makers and artisans creating powerful and viral messages from“Detroit Hustles Harder” to “Kentucky Kicks Ass”.

Through the Screenprint Showdown, we hope to help bring together the city’s creative minds to find a local and authentic brand and identity for San Jose that comes from those working in our city’s creative trenches. The event will celebrate creativity, screenprinting and the unique ways that we celebrate and promote our San Joseness.

You can follow Danny on Twitter at @dyuliharris.

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Screenprint Showdown Event Info

We'll be drawing one random name from the Facebook Event's list of people either Interested in the event and Going to the event. That person will receive a free year subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud. You must be at the event to claim your prize. NOTE: If you are an Adobe employee, you will not be eligible to win the raffle.

Day: Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016
Time: 11 AM to 5 PM
Location: Blanco Square, 12 N. San Pedro Street, San Jose, CA 95110

What's going on? 
Live screenprinting + the birth of the city's new branded identity and logo + competitions, music and performances celebrating San Jose's deeply beloved screenprinting and art culture + LIMITED EDITION shirts and goods by Cukui, Silicon Valley De-Bug, School of Visual Philosophy and Authentic Imprints.

Brought to you by SJMADE, FutureArtsNow!, Content and Kooltura Marketing. Funded by Knight Foundation. Sponsored by Adobe, KQED and City of San Jose.