Authentic Imprints will be at Screenprint Showdown!

At the very heart of Screenprint Showdown are the four screenprinting teams who were invited to live-screenprint and compete at the Screenprint Showdown Event. Those four teams are Authentic Imprints, Cukui, Silicon Valley De-Bug and School of Visual Philosophy.

On Saturday, Jan. 30 at the Screenprint Showdown Event, you and all of San Jose will be able to meet the people behind these teams, you will be able to watch them live-screenprint limited edition prints and in some cases, apparel, which you will be able to purchase right then and there, and you will be able to watch them compete against each other in a series of Screenprint Showdown Challenges

Here's a chance to learn or learn more about the teams who will be at the Showdown. First up is Authentic Imprints.

When it came time to invite screenprinting teams to the Screenprint Showdown, it was a no-brainer to invite Authentic Imprints, an unbelievably awesome high-volume custom print house based in North San Jose with a host of tools and techniques to pair with their innovative ideas and over 40+ years of experience. 

Specializing in a host of tools and techniques from plastisol, water base, discharge, 4-color-process, simulated process, specialty inks, foil, and transfers, Andrew Scicluna and Jesus Lozano are a North San Jose company that is excited by their work and the communities they serve. 

When you watch the video of above, produced exclusively for Screenprint Showdown by Content Magazine, you can see a passion for San Jose running deeply and meaningfully in the way Andrew talks about his city and his craft and his business. 

We recently connected with Andrew to discuss San Jose, its screenprinting culture and Screenprint Showdown.

Q: What does screenprinting mean to you?

Honestly it's my life. It's all I've ever done.

I took a graphics class my freshman year at Oak Grove high school and was hooked. I started working at my first screen printing shop when I was 15 and that was it.

I knew then that someday I would own my own shop. My dad hated working for someone and always told me "Work for yourself, Work for yourself". That was just ingrained in my head since I was a kid.

So any shop I worked at I always knew it was just a stepping stone to get to where I am today. One time I worked for this company that wanted me to sign a Non-Disclosure saying I wouldn't do anything even remotely close to the industry if I ever left. I thought I was going to have to work at a gas station or something. So I didn't sign it and they fired me. I was pretty relieved.

Some industries you just work in forever and there is no end or satisfaction. Screen printing isn't like that. We take things from concept to reality every day. That's super satisfying.

We problem solve every day too. Inks, fabrics, files, mesh counts, resolution, exposure times, customer personalities, and timelines are different for every job so almost nothing is the same. All of that is why I stayed in the industry. It keeps me on my toes...and it's just cool to print my own shirts whenever I want. That too.

Q: Let's say you're officially tasked to create a logo for the city of San Jose. What does it look like? What's the prevailing idea behind it? 

It looks Bad Ass! That's what it looks like. Why? Because it's San Jose and I said so! LOL.

I think this city represents so much. There really is no place like it. We have everything. People, culture, sports, tech, more tech, more people, music, art, hills, ocean right around the corner, mountains right over the bend, food, cars, trend. We have everything. And the rest of the country with the exception of LA, SF and NY trail us in everything we do.

I think I would just make it look like a mix tape. Cause when you find an old one from back in the day your like, "Oh Ish! These are my Jams! I forgot about all this old favorite stuff."

And that's kinda what we do as people here. We forget how great our city is until we go somewhere else. Then we remember how great San Jose is.

Q: What is something people from outside of San Jose need to know or should know about San Jose? 

Don't judge us. We look homeless but own businesses, have tattoos but do your banking, look gangster but work with the youth, have piercings but serve your food, look young but are responsible, don't comb our hair but have degrees, and come in all shapes, colors, sizes, accents, languages, and styles. 

Q: What are your thoughts on the Screenprint Showdown? What do you hope to see? What do you hope to do there?

Authentic Imprints is super excited to be apart of it. There is so much screen printing in the city and on so many levels. The hobbyist, the artist, the garage guy, the small business and the big business.

We all love the creativity and I think that's what this event is about. I think it's cool to bring screen printing to the public eye.

Let people see all the different aspects of what went into the shirt they have on or the poster they got at the rock show.

I hope this year sets it up for a really great event next year. This could really grow. I can already see the other shops wanting to be apart of it.

I hope to see some good friendly competition. This really is a small industry and everyone knows who the other companies are. We don't always talk but we know of each other. It will be cool to hang out with some of those other shops.


You can find Authentic Imprints at 1670 Zanker Rd., San Jose, CA 95112.
You can find them online at
Follow them on Instagram at @authenticimprints.
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Follow them on Twitter at @authenticsj.


Screenprint Showdown Event Info

We'll be drawing one random name from the Facebook Event's list of people either Interested in the event and Going to the event. That person will receive a free year subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud. You must be at the event to claim your prize. NOTE: If you are an Adobe employee, you will not be eligible to win the raffle.

Day: Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016
Time: 11 AM to 5 PM
Location: Blanco Square, 12 N. San Pedro Street, San Jose, CA 95110

What's going on? 
Live screenprinting + the birth of the city's new branded identity and logo + competitions, music and performances celebrating San Jose's deeply beloved screenprinting and art culture + LIMITED EDITION shirts and goods by Cukui, Silicon Valley De-Bug, School of Visual Philosophy and Authentic Imprints.

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