Scenes From Silicon Valley De-Bug's Screenprinting Workshop at Silver Creek High School

One of the ideas super integral to the Screenprint Showdown's success is the ability to engage people in San Jose about the beauty and accessibility of screenprinting in a time when more digitally intensive means of messaging and expression seem more prevalent. 

In a lot of ways then, it made an incredible amount of sense for Screenprint Showdown's Teaching Moment to bring a screenprinting workshop to local high school students. 

To do this, San Jose Made, Silicon Valley De-Bug and Alvin Florio, an arts educator at Silver Creek High School in San Jose all connected to bring this type of workshop to over 50 of Alvin's students on Jan. 22, 2016.

Adrian Avila and Quynh-Mai Nguyen of Silicon Valley De-Bug spent close to three hours introducing these students to the art of screenprinting along with its basic how-to concepts followed by guiding the students through their own hands-on screenprinting experiences.

Silicon Valley De-Bug (SV De-Bug) is a media, community organizing, and entrepreneurial collective based out of San Jose, California. De-Bug utilizes ready-made screens, paint and stencil techniques, and simple video messaging to operate screenprinting workshops on-site and provide education on the history of messaging and art this artisan discipline.

This made SV De-Bug particularly perfect to lead this workshop. Early on, Adrian detailed just how inexpensive it is to build a screenprinting setup similar to the one he brought to Silver Creek that day. Adrian, who started selling his art at a young age, mentioned it was screenprinting that enabled him to take selling his artwork to an entrepreneurial level.

For the students, both these ideas along with the palpable thrill of screenprinting their very own prints (which they had pre-painted prior to the workshop) and t-shirts combined to create that undeniable buzz of influence and inspiration. Truly amazing.

All in all, this was a wonderful experience. To watch SV De-Bug equip young people with the technical means to embrace and express their artistic, emotional and intellectual ideas was such a joy to behold. As we said above, we hope this is start of a really cool workshop program maybe sometime in the near future!

Anyway, scroll down to enjoy the scenes from it!


  Adrian Avila of Silicon Valley DE-BUG and Alvin Florio, arts educator at Silver Creek High School.

Adrian Avila of Silicon Valley DE-BUG and Alvin Florio, arts educator at Silver Creek High School.


Screenprint Showdown Event Info

We'll be drawing one random name from the Facebook Event's list of people either Interested in the event and Going to the event. That person will receive a free year subscription of Adobe Creative Cloud. You must be at the event to claim your prize. NOTE: If you are an Adobe employee, you will not be eligible to win the raffle.

Day: Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016
Time: 11 AM to 5 PM
Location: Blanco Square, 12 N. San Pedro Street, San Jose, CA 95110

What's going on? 
Live screenprinting + the birth of the city's new branded identity and logo + competitions, music and performances celebrating San Jose's deeply beloved screenprinting and art culture + LIMITED EDITION shirts and goods by Cukui, Silicon Valley De-Bug, School of Visual Philosophy and Authentic Imprints.

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