On January 30, 2016 at Blanco Square in downtown San Jose, we welcome four Screenprint Teams to our event. Over the past few months leading-up to the final event, these teams have designed San Jose products for SJMADE and engaged in teaching moments with the community and our community leaders. At the event, meet the teams, browse their products, and see them screen-printing and selling their San Jose designed apparel, accessories, and paper goods.

Each team will compete in a series of friendly screen-printing competitions over the course of the afternoon. Who will be the crowned the Fastest Screenprinter? Join us on January 30th to find out.

When it comes to passion for screen-printing, Authentic Imprints channels their passion for the screenprint craft to offer fresh innovative ideas paired with 40+ years of industry experience. Specializing in a host of tools and techniques from plastisol, water base, discharge, 4-color-process, simulated process, specialty inks, foil, and transfers, Andrew Scicluna and Jesus Lozano are a North San Jose company that is excited by their work and the communities they serve.

Authentic Imprints
1670 Zanker Rd
San Jose, CA 95112

Grounded in art, Cukui is a San Jose establisment that roots itself in chicano, south pacific-island, tattoo, and graffiti cultures. What started, initially, as a small collaboration between artists, Orly Locquiao and Sammy Rodriguez, Cukui has become a nucleus for new genres of art and streetwear. 

229 Jackson Street
San Jose, CA 95112

The School of Visual Philosophy, founded Dana and Yori Seeger, is a place for creating, learning and advancing art in Silicon Valley. This community of craftspeople, fine artists, teachers, students, and hobbyists have built a communal space for art education that incorporates multiple disciplines of art-making while exploring the influence of technology in art-practice.

School of Visual Philosophy
425 Auzerais Ave
San Jose, CA 95126


Based in San Jose, CA, Silicon Valley De-Bug is a local platform for building communities and small enterprise. Its small businesses media training facilities provide a home base for members focusing on community-organizing media and entrepreneurial projects. One of these projects, After Dark Prints operated by Adrian Avila, is a design and screen-printing studio that serves small business and community organizations.

Silicon Valley De-Bug
701 Lenzen Ave
San Jose, CA 95126