San Jose Symbols


From the Electric Light Tower at History San Jose to the Capitol Drive-In Theater screens on Capitol Expressway, we are building a running list of our city symbols. These represent iconic buildings, historic places, and conceptual ideas that represent San Jose. Designed by Kooltura Marketing, this group of 50 San Jose symbols scratches the surface in telling the visual story of our city. Join in this visual conversation by sharing your San Jose symbols with us, or by joining our Design Contest.

For those of you looking to these symbols for Design Contest inspiration, remember, these are here to inspire you. You have the freedom to think outside-the-box while using these symbols as a jumping-off point for your creativity.

These symbols are owned in partnership between San Jose Made (SJMADE) and Kooltura Marketing. Contact us if you are interested in utilizing these symbols for projects outside of the Screenprint Showdown. Email us at:

What are your San Jose Symbols?

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When you think of San Jose, what symbols come to mind?

Communication Hill tower?
The Electric Light Tower at History San Jose?  
Is it more of a feeling?
A HEART symbolizing our Valley of the Heart's Delight?
The SUN symbol on our City of San Jose logo?
Is San Jose all about PHO?
Is our symbol still the shark FIN?
Do you love to BIKE everywhere?

Tell us.

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